Red McCombs

The commitment to quality at Cordova on Canyon Lake begins with Texas legend, Red McCombs. Long-time successful businessman, sports owner and philanthropist, Red is a household name for a reason. His proven success across multiple industries, including land development, has built his reputation as a true innovator and leader.

John Lyon

John began his career in land & development in 1988. Throughout his career, he has cultivated great relationships, successful developments and valuable insight for understanding what Texans want when choosing a homesite. His alliance with Red McCombs in Cordova merges their long-standing commitment to preserving the Hill Country lifestyle for many generations of Texans to come.

The Ultimate in Texas Hill Country Living

Enhanced master planning and amenities keep you far enough from all the stress and traffic, but still connected with the world around you. Our land plan was engineered with the perfect balance of nature, views and outside access, making Cordova genuinely special. We’ve used our financial strength, experience, and passion for excellence to create a unique homesite for you and your family.

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