The Ultimate in Hill Country Living

Our land plan was engineered with the perfect balance of nature, views and outside access, making Cordova genuinely special. We’ve used our financial strength, experience, and passion for excellence to create a unique homesite for you and your family.

Engineered for Easy Living

Unlike other developments, Cordova was engineered to the best possible standards, featuring smooth, leveled asphalt with no loose gravel or rocks. Our quality upgrades provide high-end amenities that won’t block the beautiful views and will make for a smooth ride home.

Quality Water Supply

Our water supply comes from Canyon Lake itself. Cordova’s environmentally friendly water source is county and state approved, so you don’t have to worry about the integrity or distant origins of your drinking water.

Expansive Lakefront Park

Cordova property owners have unlimited access to an expansive lakefront park with over a mile of shoreline and water access. Comprised of both natural and man-made features, this park is the perfect setting and includes picnic tables, barbeques, restrooms and a gazebo ideal for weddings and family gatherings. You and your family will take great pleasure in fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and picnicking in and around the private park.

Canyon Lake’s Unique Character

The smell of nature and gorgeous views are beyond description. You may be close to the city, but you’ll never realize it on the lake. Our higher elevations bring the coolness of the Hill Country, softening the summer heat, and the morning mist over the lake just does something for the soul. You must experience Cordova for yourself.

Easy Access to and from Cordova

Cordova is free of low water crossings that would hinder your commute to work, school, shopping or play. Our paved roads run all the way through to and from San Antonio, Austin and other neighboring towns.

Underground Utilities

All utilities are underground. Fiber optic cable is installed through the community, keeping you connected at blazing speeds. You can just sit back and enjoy your beautiful paradise.









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